Sometimes it feels like I blink and a year goes by.  I know I am not alone in this.

When we plunge into the moment and focus on what we love to do, time has a way of stopping.  Clients I worked with years ago pop into mind as if  we were together only a few months past, and I am shocked when I stop to count the months.   I have learned to  stop regretting the conversations I have not had, and choose to rejoice in the ones I do get to share...with you, with a random person in line for coffee, with a buyer or seller or even a non buyer or seller simply uncertain about what kind of real estate choices  are open to them.   Purposeful and random conversations are both part of our  tapestries and they make our lives richer and more colourful.  I  am delighted when those conversations bring value or clarity to someone.

You will have plenty of opportunity for random conversation and new acquaintances at our Annual Corn Roast and Potluck, happening this year on August 12 at my house in Chateauguay.    Bring your comfy shoes, as a live show from Posa Blue,  the beloved musicians from NDG's Mariposa Café, will have you bopping through the evening!

Feel free to call for more information or to RSVP, we are always happy to hear from you!




By Catherine Dawe