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    November 14th 2017

    « We live in a society of great wealth but there are many people in Montreal that struggle .  They are cold, hungry, living in substandard apartments and sometimes  on the streets.  They might be young or  old, parents or singles, sometimes they are addicted and sometimes they are down ... »


    June 5th 2017

    « While Montrealers do not suffer the same accessibility issues as their city-dwelling counterparts in Toronto and Vancouver, there are signs that our real estate market is on an upswing, both in terms of sales and prices. Only a few months ago the Quebec Federation of Real Estate Boards predicted ... »

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  • « Thank you very much for your good advice and your honesty. We could not come across a better person for our first official visit! We will make appointments with your contacts as soon as possible so that we can be as informed as possible. Thank you and see you ... »

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