index-gearyI recently came across this great article about a feisty and intrepid Irish Location Manager called Catherine Geary. Location Managing just happens to be my former career, and reading the article certainly brought back a lot of memories!



I could not help but be struck by the similarity between that career and what I now do as a real estate broker... Understanding a buyer's idea of an affordable dream home and then doing the legwork to find it is not too different from figuring out what a director wants for a specific scene and what the producer wants to pay for it.  Managing a busy open house is not that far from protecting a location as a hundred equipment-laden technicians walk through the door!

But the uncannily similar part?  Geary says it well, 
''The really interesting part of my job is the instinctive element of meeting someone. You just know what they want, sometimes before they know it themselves.''
Whether my clients are elderly and moving on in life or young and finding their starter home,  it is a thrill to meet them and just know what they need before they are even able to articulate it. Helping my clients get from a concept in their imagination to an actual physical reality is exciting, rewarding and every bit as fulfilling as my career in the movies!

To read the article please follow the link below:

‘Location manager is one job film crews say they would never do’