"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..."

This famous Charles Dickens quote was in my head today as I reflected back on a gruelling 3 weeks of training that I recently completed in California.  Train the Trainer is the toughest course offered by Empowerment Partnership,  and I am thrilled to say I stared down my demons and got through them.    To accomplish this monumental task I had to dig deep within, find resources and face my fears.   After 18 months of overdrive in the 'covid shaped real estate market' and not putting into use the techniques I had learned at my 2019 trainings, I was not as familiar with the theory as I had hoped.  I was not the only one who struggled, the classroom size dwindled as the weeks wore on, the 10 am to 8 pm schedule (plus homework!) left me the 4 am to 9 am slot for my real estate work and responsibilities. Many simply could not manage it and chose to drop out. Head over to my Instagram page @cdawemtl to take a look at the fun reel I made with some behind-the-scenes views of my experience.

Study time!


Thanks to my wonderful Montreal real estate partners I was able to keep at it and obtain the accreditation of Certified Master Practitioner in NLP as well as a Certified Trainer of methods and techniques.  In other words, I am certified to teach and give presentations.  I am truly grateful to Cara, Phil and Jessica.

I am eager to put the new knowledge to use in my work as a real estate professional and as a mentor to promising new realtors.  I am especially excited to bring these learnings into my work with young people in our communities.  I look forward to helping them discover how the words they use not only impact how they feel about themselves, words impact how they see the world and how well they communicate.  Their use of language will also impact how they will navigate their lives in the years to come.    Think of the power of saying  'I will do ____x____'  rather than 'I should do __x____'.


Whether client, senior citizen, young adult or kid, I think you all know at this point how keen I am to help people find empowerment!  So stay tuned for more developments on that front, and please reach out if you are curious to know more.

In real estate news.....the summer lull has started to wane as people reluctantly return from their long overdue holidays.  Thoughts are turning to the autumn and both buyers and sellers are wondering what it will bring.

While it might not be as high pressure as this past spring, there is no reason to think any drastic changes have occurred in the level of activity and interest in purchasing homes.  There is an ongoing lack of inventory, interest rates are still wonderfully low and there are still more people looking for homes than there are homes available. On top of that our newly-opened US border (and the soon-to-open international border) will certainly bring back a category of buyers, we have not seen since the Covid crisis began.  Even the drastic drop in immigration levels should start levelling out as we move into 2022.

So in most geographical areas around Montreal, we anticipate the market to remain beneficial to sellers across pretty much every property category.

Some of you saw the brief summer lull as a buying opportunity and managed to snag an accepted offer.  Kudos to you for having stuck it out when the countryside was beckoning.   Cara, Phil, Jessica and I  helped many of you take that next step.  We are grateful for your confidence in us and delighted to have been part of your success.

For those of you who chose to hold off until the autumn, have faith, your home is out there!  Activity is on the upswing, there will soon be new properties coming online.

As always, it pays to be quick and to have a dedicated professional working at your side, and we are there to do just that.    Please reach out if you are thinking of buying or selling a property or even if you simply have some questions.  We love helping!



By Catherine Dawe