Winter is coming. Soon, it will be snowing. Montreal is getting colder each day.

We live in a society of great wealth but there are many people in Montreal that struggle. They are cold, hungry, living in substandard apartments and sometimes on the streets. They might be young or old, parents or singles, sometimes they are addicted and sometimes they are down on their luck or mentally ill. It makes me uncomfortable and outraged and I am tired of walking by and pretending I don’t see them, pretending they are invisible.

One person cannot fix much, but one person multiplied by many can accomplish amazing goals. The cold weather is now upon us and the minutes pass slowly and miserably both for the poorly dressed homeless person and for the schoolchild walking home with no mitts, hat or boots.

Together we can make a difference. We all have warm clothes we are no longer using. Why leave them in a closet when someone else is shivering?

Last year I reached out to a few people to collect warm clothes for the less fortunate.  Several people joined in and together we reached out to our networks and collected almost 100 large bags of hats, gloves, sweaters, sleeping bags and warm clothes. These were triaged and then donated to organizations such as Dans la Rue, Share the Warmth and the Native Women’s Shelter. We had a great, heart-warming time.

First, I would like to thank you all for these donations and ask you to step in once again. This year, I know we can do more. With the help of many, with YOUR help, we can make this winter more comfortable and happier for those in need. Please, ask your friends and family, put together a bag or two and come by our drop off spot at :

Agence Immobilière KW Urbain, 1100 Robert Bourassa, Suite 104   H3B 3A5 (direct street entrance, beside the entrance to CN Central Station).


KW Connexion, 7735 Saint-Laurent blvd. (corner Villeray) next to Steinman's Pianos.

We will be able to receive your donations from the 15 of November to the 15 of December. If you don't have a car, if you think it's too far or if you just don't have time, we can easily arrange a pick-up for you or your friends who might also want to help.



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By mcotemedias