We live in a society of great wealth but there are many people in Montreal that struggle .  They are cold, hungry, living in substandard apartments and sometimes  on the streets.  They might be young or  old, parents or singles, sometimes they are addicted and sometimes they are down on their luck or mentally ill.  It makes me uncomfortable and  outraged and I am tired of walking by and pretending  I don’t see them.

As one person, I cannot fix much, but I  can try to help just a little bit.  The cold weather is now upon us and the minutes  pass slowly and  miserably both for the poorly dressed  homeless  person and for the schoolchild walking home with no mitts, hat or boots.

Together we can make a difference.  We all have warm clothes we are no longer using.  Why leave  them in a closet when someone else is shivering?

I am offering to collect your things and coordinate with Dans La Rue and Share the Warmth to get them into the hands of people who need them.   Drop offs can happen at the addresses below, and if necessary,  volunteers  can arrange a pick up.

Thank you for reading, for passing the message, and for caring.  Even one pair of mismatched mitts will make a difference to someone.


CENTRE-VILLE/DOWNTOWN:  Agence Immobilière KW Urbain, 1100 Robert Bourassa Suite 104 H3B 3A5 (entrée sur la rue, à côté de l’entrée de la Station centrale CN/direct street entrance, beside the entrance to CN Central Station)  Contacter/contact Catherine Dawe ou/or Shaheen Lambert.

OUEST DE L’ÎLE/WEST ISLAND:  Action Sport Physio Lachine,   2675 rue Victoria, Local B, Lachine, QC H8S 0A7 (au-dessus du Tim Horton’s, devant le McDonald’s/above Tim Horton’s, across from McDonald’s)  contacter/contact Latin Niyonsaba.

RIVE-SUD/SOUTH SHORE: KW Momentum Agence Immobilière, 9975 Rue de Châteauneuf, Bloc C,  Brossard, Quebec  J4Z 3V5 (accès/access via Boulevard du Quartier) contacter/contact Valérie Lapointe.


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