By yannick


The desire to make a difference starts with awareness. Self‐awareness, needs awareness, general awareness of the masses of humanity around us that all need help in one way or another. Sure we kind of vaguely know they are there…but are we paying attention, do we even really see them?

We are at our best when we are reaching out and making someone else’s life a little bit brighter, a little bit easier. Money is always a solution, but hands‐on volunteering engages us and gives us a connection to the reality plenty of others live on a daily basis.

Who or what you choose to help does not have to be geographically close, it just has to be emotionally close. Start small, help a senior, give a homeless person some coffee and mittens, ask people how they are doing and pay attention to the answer. Soon it will become a habit, a GOOD one!

There are so many ways to make a difference in our world; donate a goat, pay it forward, join a volunteer organization. Even Pinterest has a “in need” section, so there is no reason to not find something close to your heart.

Look at people. See them in their beauty, their fragility, see their fallibility and love them anyways. Life is so ethereal, so fleeting, we really don’t get a lot of time here, so make your minutes count. Live in the now, it is the only time we have. You will be surprised by the results.  xoc


Scroll down for ideas on where to donate and organizations in need of your help.

Give make a difference volunteerHope Make a DifferenceHelping others







Accueil Bonneau
Donate gently used clothing, household goods, personal hygiene products and non-perishable food items.

Renaissance Donation Centre
The organizations mission is to facilitate the social and professional integration of people experiencing difficulty entering the workforce. All donations of clothing and household items in good condition are accepted at the Renaissance donation centres.

Sun Youth
4251 St. Urbain Street
Montreal, Quebec H2W 1V6
Become a volunteer, material donations and monetary donations.

Parkinson Society Quebec
Parkinson Society Québec’s national office is responsible for leading initiatives that affect all those living with Parkinson’s.

Missing Children’s Network Canada
You can help the Missing Children’s Network continue to be a reassuring presence in the community providing families with emotional and technical support as they search for missing children.

Kidney Foundation 
Donate a kidney and save a life.

Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation
Every year more than 500 volunteers actively contribute approximately 25,000 hours of their time to various programs throughout the hospital.

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