“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” This famous Charles Dickens quote was in my head today as I reflected back on a gruelling 3 weeks of training that I recently completed in California.  Train the Trainer is the toughest course offered by Empowerment Partnership,  and I am thrilled to say I stared

2021, august 19

I recently decided it was time to move on in my life… and that meant letting go of the home where I celebrated my wedding, raised my children and mothered their friends. It meant letting go of the four walls that had been the second home for a community of young people and the backyard

2021, may 18

You see it splashed in the headlines almost every day,  the constant references to Canada’s red hot housing market and homes selling for crazy amounts over asking price are enough to make even the most wealthy buyer consider sitting it out.  What on earth does it all mean? Click here to read more.     What

2021, april 07

A recent article about a vacant institutional building not selling for 18 years because the vendors could not get the price they wanted led me to thinking about a few residential situations I have just seen. In one case, an inherited house was put on the market at a very high price after some quickie

2018, february 07

 Earlier this week I shared a post about media jumping on the wagon of mass hysteria about Montreal real estate prices that are about to ‘shoot through the roof’. I think it is critical that we all recognize a few things: 1. There is very little new independent journalism out there…much of what we read

2017, april 27

I love industrial conversions.  Whether it be the Lowney in Griffintown, La Biscuiterie in HoMa or the  Dominion Preserving Co in Villeray, these buildings have a history, an identity…a place in our neighbourhoods that helps us remember what used to be.   I love conversions for  another reason, too.  Way back when, ceilings were high,

2017, february 11

How To Increase Your Selling Price By Thousands. Compared to many other provinces and states, Home Staging is a relatively recent addition to the real estate world in Quebec, and is still not practiced in many areas outside our metropolitan centres.  The fact is, you would be hard pressed to find a better return on

2016, april 12

There was a quick little article on the GMREB website last week that pointed out a few  benefits of remortgaging your home.  Certainly,  with today’s low mortgage  interest rates, it makes absolutely no sense to carry a balance on a credit card at 19% if you have equity on your home you can tap into. 

2016, march 17

Quebec has always been the province with the highest tenancy rate in Canada and rising home prices and strict rules on rent increases have maintained tenancy as an attractive option.  But since the 1970s, Quebec has also seen Canada`s  highest rate of increase in home ownership.  There was a lot of attitudinal catching-up to do

2016, march 07