“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” This famous Charles Dickens quote was in my head today as I reflected back on a gruelling 3 weeks of training that I recently completed in California.  Train the Trainer is the toughest course offered by Empowerment Partnership,  and I am thrilled to say I stared

2021, august 19

I recently decided it was time to move on in my life… and that meant letting go of the home where I celebrated my wedding, raised my children and mothered their friends. It meant letting go of the four walls that had been the second home for a community of young people and the backyard

2021, may 18

  A Good Day to All! As December advances and people bundle up and look towards holidays with family, our thoughts turn to reaching out and reconnecting. The cold dark days of December are perfect for catching up on our hellos and our thoughts of gratitude and good will. What a better time to send

2018, december 20

While Montrealers do not suffer the same accessibility issues as their city-dwelling counterparts in Toronto and Vancouver, there are signs that our real estate market is on an upswing, both in terms of sales and prices. Only a few months ago the Quebec Federation of Real Estate Boards predicted a 7% drop in sales for

2017, june 05

How To Increase Your Selling Price By Thousands. Compared to many other provinces and states, Home Staging is a relatively recent addition to the real estate world in Quebec, and is still not practiced in many areas outside our metropolitan centres.  The fact is, you would be hard pressed to find a better return on

2016, april 12

(courtesy of LesAffaires.com, translated from original French version) By Joanie Fontaine   In 2014, 73% of the province condominium sales were made in the Montreal CMA. More specifically, the island of Montreal recorded 42% of condominium sales in Quebec last year. For resale condominiums (excluding nine) on the island of Montreal, a median price of

2015, july 02