“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” This famous Charles Dickens quote was in my head today as I reflected back on a gruelling 3 weeks of training that I recently completed in California.  Train the Trainer is the toughest course offered by Empowerment Partnership,  and I am thrilled to say I stared

2021, august 19

I recently decided it was time to move on in my life… and that meant letting go of the home where I celebrated my wedding, raised my children and mothered their friends. It meant letting go of the four walls that had been the second home for a community of young people and the backyard

2021, may 18

  A Good Day to All! As December advances and people bundle up and look towards holidays with family, our thoughts turn to reaching out and reconnecting. The cold dark days of December are perfect for catching up on our hellos and our thoughts of gratitude and good will. What a better time to send

2018, december 20

Winter is coming. Soon, it will be snowing. Montreal is getting colder each day. We live in a society of great wealth but there are many people in Montreal that struggle. They are cold, hungry, living in substandard apartments and sometimes on the streets. They might be young or old, parents or singles, sometimes they

2018, november 15

We live in a society of great wealth but there are many people in Montreal that struggle .  They are cold, hungry, living in substandard apartments and sometimes  on the streets.  They might be young or  old, parents or singles, sometimes they are addicted and sometimes they are down on their luck or mentally ill.

2017, november 14

There was a quick little article on the GMREB website last week that pointed out a few  benefits of remortgaging your home.  Certainly,  with today’s low mortgage  interest rates, it makes absolutely no sense to carry a balance on a credit card at 19% if you have equity on your home you can tap into. 

2016, march 17

Quebec has always been the province with the highest tenancy rate in Canada and rising home prices and strict rules on rent increases have maintained tenancy as an attractive option.  But since the 1970s, Quebec has also seen Canada`s  highest rate of increase in home ownership.  There was a lot of attitudinal catching-up to do

2016, march 07

Feb 22, 2016 For several years now savvy real estate developers have been quietly buying up and re-purposing land and old industrial buildings in derelict areas under Montreal’s Jacques Cartier Bridge and along Frontenac and Iberville streets. Last week’s announcement that the Maison Radio-Canada is up for sale will turn their speculative investments into solid

2016, february 22

IN 2016 MAKE A DIFFERENCE The desire to make a difference starts with awareness. Self‐awareness, needs awareness, general awareness of the masses of humanity around us that all need help in one way or another. Sure we kind of vaguely know they are there…but are we paying attention, do we even really see them? We

2016, january 19