Loft convertit quartier Villeray

I love industrial conversions.  Whether it be the Lowney in Griffintown, La Biscuiterie in HoMa or the  Dominion Preserving Co in Villeray, these buildings have a history, an identity...a place in our neighbourhoods that helps us remember what used to be.  

I love conversions for  another reason, too.  Way back when, ceilings were high, walls were brick or stone, floors were made with real wood and the structures that held all this open space up were often massive wood logs or tall steel girders.  Conversions provide opportunity to create, to transform and to play with texture and light.  Every loft is unique in a conversion, there is no cookie cutter feeling here!

Loft industriel convertit condo

203 is a perfect example.  This sleek, elegant loft space full of right angles, white walls and tinted glass is the perfect home for a design-conscious minimalist...but the steel beams, the brick walls and the warm wood floors and sunny southern exposure make it feel like a 'home' you can really live in.. Fill it with antiques and art and it becomes a canvas to show off the treasures of the collector.

Villeray Loft converted to Condo picture

Conversions represent the epitome of use, reuse and recycle.  They sometimes cost a bit more to build, but they are structures that have stood the test of time, often a hundred years or more.  Almost like monuments, they came before us and will stand after we are gone.

Who wouldn't want to buy into that?

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8455 rue St-Dominique #203
$685 000  MLS: 14196711

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